Parent Helpers

parent-helpersWe are always delighted to take up offers of help!

If you are reliable and have some time to offer, please consider helping with:

  • Committee Matters
  • Coaching
  • Club Shop
  • Catering Arrangements
  • Lost Property
  • Fund Raising

You don’t have to wait to be asked! Just speak to any coach / committee member.


Parent Updates and Newsletters are usually given out after training sessions on Saturdays.

We realise that these do not always arrive home!

Indeed, we have to gather a few off the car park before WE go home!

Please check the website regularly where all up to date information will be posted.

Lost Property

lost-propertyMake sure that you have your childs name clearly printed on all of their kit!


Use a thick black marker or a Tip – Ex pen.

If you do lose some kit, follow these steps:

  1. Look carefully for it.
  2. Ask your coach.
  3. Ask any of the bar staff
  4. We can put a note on our notice board.