warm-upWe all need to have good basic fitness levels.

There are some very easy things we can all do to make sure that we are basically fit.

We have divided these into our “Heart, Tummy and Outdoors” groups so that they are easy to think about and remember.


Get active. You should be doing much more walking, running, playing, chasing, swimming, cycling etc. than sitting in front of some square light, pressing buttons!


A balanced diet which has a good mixture of Milk, Eggs, Fruit, Vegetables, Beans, Meats, Potatoes, Rice, Bread, and Sugary Stuff.
Drink lots and lots and lots of WATER. (Not sugary drinks)


Get outside. The fresh air, sunlight and space all help to keep us healthy. When we are outside we are more likely to exercise our hearts and get our bodies fit.

practiceWarming Up

Warming up properly before exercise is really important.
It helps to get your heart pumping and blood flowing around your body.
Your muscles get more blood and oxygen and heat up slightly.
This helps to prevent muscles getting pulled.
When you are warmed up properly, you have less chance of getting hurt in tackles as well.

A good warm up should:

  • Start slowly e.g walking slowly, rolling arms slowly
  • Get slightly quicker every 5 mins
  • Last for 15 mins
  • Warm ups should always be followed by some stretches.

After your warm up has got your heart pumping faster and blood flowing around your body into all your muscles, it is a good time to do some easy stretches..

Stretching helps to prevent muscles getting pulled.

Stretch all the muscles that you will be using
Never do or hold a painful stretch
Hold easy stretches for about 45 sec.
Remember to stretch all the muscles you will use in your practice or match.
It’s a good idea to start at the top (your head, neck and shoulders) and work all the way down towards your legs, ankles and feet.

Never “bounce” your stretches!