Fair Play

fair-playThis part of the Mini Rugby website is all about Fair Play.

Fair Play is one of the most important parts of rugby at Ballymoney Mini Rugby.

You can’t expect other players to be fair if you aren’t!!

Fair Play is all about treating other people the way you would like them to treat you.

If you treat other players, coaches, referees and spectators fairly, they will usually treat you the same way.

Do all that you can to help look after your club house and equipment like boots, balls, tackle bags etc.

  • Play to the rules of rugby.
  • Accept referees’ decisions.
  • Never be a show-off.
  • Never criticise / Always encourage.

bullyingYou should always do your best to treat players from your own club fairly as well as players from other clubs.

Your treatment of visiting teams will show others what Ballymoney people are really like!

Remember to:

  • Encourage, not criticise.
  • Pair up with different partners regularly.
  • Never kick / throw the ball away.
  • Thank and clap all players after matches

All coaches are there to help keep you safe and to make sure that all mini rugby events run smoothly and fairly.

They always do their best to help you and advise you.

refereeYou can show fair Play by always trying to:

  • Listen carefully to your coach
  • Accept your coaches’ decisions.
  • Do what coaches tell you to do.
  • Never talk back and control your temper.

The clubhouse and all the equipment are yours.

If we don’t share in looking after them, they will soon become unclean, untidy and unusable.

You are a member of Ballymoney Rugby Club and you can help to look after it by:

  • equipmentHelping to put all equipment away neatly.
  • Cleaning boots BEFORE going inside.
  • Finding balls that have gone over hedges.
  • Bringing lost property to any club coach.